Utilising our event industry expertise we've now developed special digital signage packages for shops, businesses and public spaces to display clear, concise branded messaging to customers.

We stock over 400 panels of 3mm and 6mm LED Screen rental stock and are available to deliver on short notice.

During the COVID-19 outbreak consumer habits have changed drastically, including customers having to queue for extended periods and spending less time browsing when inside stores. In response to this, digital signage can be utilised to display clear messaging about:

- Social distancing measures

- Hygiene reminders

- Product availability

- Offers

- Advertising and brand activation





Cost Effective

Rental options are scaleable depending on size and requirements, starting from as little as £220 per week

Quick to Deploy

We stock over 400 panels of rentals screen and can currently deliver and install on a very quick turnaround.

Easy Management

Update messaging and content quickly and easily as new advice and procedures are implemented.


Display a range of regular messages to your customers while they're queuing or browsing your store.

After weeks of retailers and businesses being shut down for the coronavirus lockdown, retailers will need to restore confidence in their customers and make them feel safe in their stores. Businesses will need to adapt and gradually manage the transition for employee's who have been working from home and need to return to the workplace.

Lack of information is one of the primary reasons people succumb to fear and anxiety and a clear informative messaging approach can help put individuals at ease. Right across society people are making major changes to their day to day lives which include changes to workplace and retail habits. Now is the time to reengage with your customers and employees, with bold, effective, targeted messaging, making the most of the time you have their attention in your stores. 

Weekly or Monthly Rental Options

Our screen packages are available for short term and long term weekly or monthly rental contracts.

Custom Installation Surrounds & Branding


We can fabricate custom housings and screen surrounds to mount the screen in many locations for your business and can brand the housing to suit your requirements

Our rental screen is made of 50cm x 50cm modules and therefore can be configured into a variety of shapes and sizes.


Environmentally Friendly

LED Video screen has a low power consumption and is an environmentally efficient method of customer communication when compared to traditional signage and single use printed displays. 

Content Management

We can manage content on your behalf or you can upload it easily by using an app to upload images and videos to be played back in your content timeline. The ease of content management means you can update messaging quickly as and when new measures are released, as well as keeping on top of your own promotional content. 






Our fabrication team at our unit in Stokesley are now offering social distancing solutions for businesses, offices and retail. This includes;

- Temporary Access Equipment

- Desk Dividers

- Perspex Screens 

- Pull-Out Banners

- Social Distancing Signage, Floor Stickers and Banners

More product information and examples to be released...






Alongside our usual work we're also taking time out to support the Events4Covid19 initiative, a voluntary network of events industry suppliers who are providing resources to those most in need on the front line. For more info of how we can support your charity or organisation get in touch.


Due to the increase in demand we are currently offering our digital signage solutions to businesses across the North and further afield including but not limited to;

Leeds - Manchester - York - Liverpool - Newcastle - Middlesbrough - Sheffield - Wakefield - Hull - Edinburgh - Darlington - Carlisle - Durham - Stockton - Bradford - Gateshead - Barnsley - Rotherham - Doncaster - Hartlepool - Burnley - Huddersfield - Scarborough

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