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Immersive Precision was formed to offer a premium service for clients who need a bespoke full production service. The name was born from our drive to provide an immersive and artistic experience for audiences with a precise attention to detail for our clients.

We have a network of experienced full-time and freelance engineers, designers and suppliers who have the skills available to deliver cutting edge production at a price that is both competitive and flexible to suit budgets. We can draw on a wealth of experience from all events sectors from Outdoor Events to Corporate, Live Music or Special Projects, our engineers have worked with some of the biggest artists and at the most iconic venues in the world and transfer this experience into their day to day work.

In April 2018 we announced our merger with Stokesley based equipment rental company R&M Productions, we now have bases in Leeds and Stokesley and an extensive rental stock. For more information see our press release.

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Bespoke Lighting and Video design services for Club Events, Live Music and Corporate

SFX Equipment Hire

DJ Equipment Hire


Full Production Management.

Equipment Hire.

Technical Crew Supply and Installation Services.

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Video & Lighting Equipment Hire

SFX Equipment Hire

Production & Project Management

Show Design


Video Content Design & Production

DJ Equipment Hire

Crew Supply

Installations & Special Projects




In response to the recent coronavirus outbreak we have made many changes to our business operations in order to implement safe social distancing measures. We are now offering a range of special COVID 19 digital signage & social distancing products which can be found on our COVID Solutions page.


We have also volunteered to lead the rollout of the Events4Covid 19 initiative across the North East. Working with a team of volunteers the focus of the initiative is to connect event industry suppliers with resources to the organisations most in need on the front line. For more information please get in touch or visit the Events4Covid website.




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