We stock a range of confetti effects for events of all sizes, with the option of dry hire available for certain products.

CO2 Confetti Blaster


Standard and XL Confetti Blaster in stock.


Intensity can be controlled by the user and additional confetti can be fed into the cannon to create a long duration effect.

Uses liquid CO2 gas supply, available in 30kg and 47kg Cylinders.

Industry standard for Medium to Large venues, all the way up to Arenas.


Can fire confetti up to 25m with a capacity of up to 10kg of confetti in one blast.




Available in a range of Confetti Colours in Metal or Paper Rectangles, most are kept in stock in Leeds.


Confetti Colours include;

Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, U/V, White, Black


Other shapes and sizes are available for special order.


Health & Safety


Event specific risk assessments are carried out by experienced technicians for all events. Public Liability Insurance is also held to a value of 5m, and the company Health and Safety Policies are available on request.







Available with user operated Detonator module or DMX switchpack for control via a lighting console.

Can be clamped to truss or fitted onto supplied baseplates. Baseplates are available for individual units or 3 unit arrays for wider coverage.

Very cost effective, with consumables available from as cheap as £4.90 per unit and the unit is detonated using an electric charge so there is no costly gas supply. 


Consumables come pre-packed in cartridges with most confetti colours available, empty cartridges are also available for custom confetti.



Are available for the Powershot System, 40cm units fire up to 6m and 80cm units fire up to 15m Angle Dependant.

Paper and Metallic Available in a range of colours.



Local Delivery is available anywhere in the North of England, or courier can be arranged. Get in touch for hires to the following locations;


Leeds - Manchester - York - Liverpool - Newcastle - Sheffield - Wakefield - Hull - Edinburgh - Darlington - Carlisle - Durham - Bradford - Barnsley - Rotherham - Doncaster - Burnley - Huddersfield - Scarborough